Manchester TMA Overflights Group ~ Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. Admin. (aka the Group owner and moderators) will not tolerate racism, sexism, profane language, insulting or unruly behavior either on or off the groups message forums.
  2. It is expected that all members will behave with conduct befitting an adult debate Group.
  3. Aircraft movement information posted to this group is deemed to be in the 'Public Domain' and is freely available for distribution to other groups/forums to which it may be of interest.
  4. By posting a Photographic Images, it is accepted that you own the intellectual Property rights to that image, or you provide appropriate credit if you do not. It is preferable to post internet links to images wherever possible.
  5. All postings are to be made in English.
  6. Repetition of postings, or advertisement of any services deemed inappropriate by Admin. will be subject to immediate action.
  7. Admin. reserve all rights to edit and delete posts and user accounts as deemed necessary in the operation of the Group.
  8. No political or racist comment or debate is allowed on this group whatsoever.
  9. Personnal information held by the Manchester TMA Overflights Group is only used for the maintenance of your user account and is not sold or given to third parties.
  10. Admin. offers no guarantees as to the suitability for use on your computer system or browser and will not be held accountable for any damage, loss of data or any consequential losses of any incompatibility.
  11. Admin. is responsible for the maintenance of the information Group and website, but is not responsible for individual user's comments and opinions and will not be bound or compromised by any.
  12. In the operation of the Group it may from time to time be required to suspend the membership or access rights of members who have not acted in accordance with these terms and conditions.
    a. Disciplinary action towards members will only be taken in extreme circumstances, and will always
    involve the consultation of at least two members of the management team. b. If a user remains unsatisfied with the outcome of any disciplinary action they can ask to have the
    case reviewed by a third member of the management team. c. This third member's decision, in consultation with at least one other management member, will be
    final, and no further discussion entered into once that decision is reached.

  14. Users accept that after a certain period, topics and discussions may be locked out of use or deleted.
  15. Users can choose their own mail/message delivery preferences. The nature of the group is 'live' so adopting instant mail forwarding is the preferred option. However by doing this a user must accept that they will receive every message forwarded by Google Groups (either real time or delayed, to a desktop/laptop computer or mobile device) and either delete or ignore what they deem irrelevant to them. Complaints related to this will not be entertained!
  16. Users privacy is a key consideration and by using the Group, users acknowledge that they will not deliberately disclose another users identity, place of work or position within a particular organisation to members of the group or in a public forum.
  17. The ManTMA Overflights Group accepts no responsibility for the content/validity of any external Internet site linked from anywhere on the groups website. All data contained therein is E&OE (errors & omissions excluded).
  18. The use of the website and any related information groups/forums constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  19. The ManTMA Admin./Management team have the options of reporting on 'momentous events' either in or outside the TMA boundaries when, in our opinion, it is considered to be of interest to the membership.
  20. Privacy Policy
  21. The Manchester TMA Overflights Group Management Team accepts no responsibility for non compliance of users with these stipulations.

[The Admin./Management team consists of: Peter Leadbeater, Dave Skoberne & Nige Howarth]