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Members Survey 2007 ~ Result

Section 1: What type of computer do you use?

Section 2: What Electronic Aids do you use?

Section 3: What Optical Aids do you use?

Section 4: What Software Aids do you use?

A selection of "Any Comments" (and replies) ~ Some good, some indifferent!:

"Suggest limit sightings to exclude anything smaller than BE200 size"
During the year we made a decision to allow reports of anything in the TMA but the vast majority have remained 'big iron'?!

"Saves loads of money in going to the Gym"

"An excellent informative group without the bickering/slagging off of members"
See below!

"Don't understand openATC or PlanePlotter"
There are always members around to help with these matters - please don't be afraid to ask; we were all 'newbies' once!

"Starting to read on the web as there are more e-mail conversations about these new topics than reports on aircraft movements"
Suffice to say that 'conversations' of related subjects have been the mainstay of this group, especially on 'gray' days.

"I wish people would not change the headers"
Us too!!

"Often Admin staff think the position of authority entitles them to control"
... well someone has got to look after you! Seriously, this group does look after itself (which is a credit to the quality of the membership) but there are occasions where we have to step in; sorry!

"The interaction on this group has been the root of it's great success"
Which sums things up nicely ...

... and finally; the words 'Friendly' and "Excellent" kept cropping up in your comments and started to become a little embarrassing! But that really does sum this group up and long may it continue. It is you, the membership that provide this atmosphere so from all the "Admin." staff - THANK YOU!

No contributors names will be made available to any other party and comments made are generalised by the group owner.

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